About Vivaz Group

Vivaz Group is a holding company with presence and partners in Singapore, Cambodia, Hong Kong and Thailand.

We believe in supporting ventures that make a difference, thus, we are constantly on the look-out for new ways of doing things. Currently, our focus is on investing into businesses, land and properties within Asia, especially in frontier countries.

The Group owns various assets and companies such as property development company, hospitality management company, fintech company, software development company, marketing production agency and investment & consultancy company.

Core Values

V - Vision. Always forward looking, thinking ahead.

I - Integrity/Innovation

V - Venture/Values

A - Alliance. Working closely with our partners. Forming a strong alliance together.

Z - Zeal. Energetic.

Building strong, trusting and lasting partnerships, one step at a time.


We aim to establish ourselves firmly as a reliable global investor, investing and supporting developments in frontier countries.

Thus, we are constantly looking to invest in companies finding their stride or looking for the next level growth.


Our priority has always been to work closely with our partners expanding businesses globally and creating or investing into new ventures together.

Vivaz aim for financial and organizational sustainability, to ensure that we operate effectively with a long-term view.

Innovation is key, thus we’re constantly looking for new ways of doing things and ventures that make a difference.

Innovative opportunities and endless possibilities.

Group of Companies